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I have a passion for sharing wellness tips and hacks on how to Live Better and Be Well. Click the links below for access to Wellness Education.


WHY toxin-free Livin?

Why should we care about how many toxins we are bringing into our homes and lives? Listen to this class to learn why you should make the switch to toxin-free living!

toxin-free Living PDF

You know you want to Live Better, but not sure where to start to even make a dent? Click below to access our FREE guide to learn what to kick out and where you can start!


Did you know that your HOME is the place where you have the biggest exposure to toxins? Click below for our FREE video to learn more about how this even happens!

Emotional wellness

Are you tired of letting your emotions control your life? Click below to access our FREE training to learn how you can grab the reigns and promote feelings of emotional wellness.

Secrets to emotional wellness

Instantly enhance your emotional wellness with these Simple Essential Oils Secrets. Click below to get our FREE Secrets.

change of life

Changes happen to your body starting at the age of 30. While they can be challenging, know that you CAN navigate these changes with Ease & Grace. Click below to receive our FREE pdf.


new you in 60 days

Start Now and experience a slimmer you in just 60 days. Click below and create the new you right now!

Business growth

It's time to ignite your inner Superhero and Rock Out Your Business! Click below to get the FREE audio training and PDF.

toxin-free pet care

You love your pets and you want to give them the best. Click below to learn how to care for your pets with all-natural, non-toxic solutions.