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Do you have 10 hours a week to build a real and thriving business from home?

My husband and I are committed to helping others change their mindsets and change their lives.

Have you been looking for a business that gives you the freedom to work from home?

We are now sharing our proven formula for building a successful business with those who are serious about changing their lives. 

  • Can you be consistent and follow directions?

  • Does a 10-15 hour work week appeal to you?

  • Are you MORE THAN ready to get debt free?

If the answer is “YES!” then you may be what we’re looking for in an Intern.  My husband, Matt, and I are currently working with a very small group of people who are committed to building a business from their home.

We are currently accepting applications to teach clients how to implement our proven formula for success.

We will help YOU to build a successful business!

What you will get with the purchase of your

Business Starter Kit:

  1. On the Job Training: You will spend 90 days with Matt and Samara, as an intern, learning our proven formula, weekly private strategy calls, group team video calls, and private mindset coaching calls, and more.
  2. A Community: We have an incredible team, all working towards the same goals - changing others lives. We strengthen each other, pray for each other, and help each other strategize to reach our goals.

There is some fine print:

To qualify for this internship, you need to fall into this criteria:

  1. Be ready to start your business with Business Starter Kit (as low as $160).
  2. Be willing to invest $100 each month into your health and your family’s health by maintaining Essential Rewards (similar to Amazon's subscribe and save) and ordering wellness products, (essential oils, supplements, non-toxic cleaning products, toxin free beauty care - mostly things you have currently been purchasing at the grocery store or from Amazon).
  3. Purchase $100 in specifically assigned business training books as your curriculum. (List provided at start of internship.)
  4. Be ready to stick it out, be consistent, and use what you learn and Earn team incentives for following our proven formula and creating a thriving business.
Please fill out the following information to be considered for a position on Samara and Matt's Leadership team. We will contact you ASAP on our next business day!
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