DIY Oil Cleansing Face Wash

oil cleansing
oil cleansing

My girlfriend wrote a really nice article on me for our local magazine. You can check it out here, but in short, it’s about why I choose to make a lot of my own beauty products. And then it shares a few of my recipes. So many of you have requested more information on some of my recipes and why I use certain essential oils that I thought I answer some of those questions here on the blog.

Today we are talking about my face and what my regimen is for skin care. After I had Cora, I had a tough time finding anything that wouldn’t make me break out. Both face washes and moisturizers all made me break out. I became so frustrated that I simply stopped washing my face with anything but water (that’s not the right answer, but I thought I had no other option at that point). And I stopped using any moisturizer and just applied my favorite CC cream.

Then I remembered something I’d seen on Martha Stewart years ago; that she simply used oil to cleanse her face. So, I did some research and learned how to do it. You can learn more here , but basically the oil we use to cleanse the skin dissolves the oil and impurities that are stuck in our pores. Then we steam to open the pores, and we remove the oil and the impurities. I tried it out and loved the results!

oil cleansing
oil cleansing

Here is what I do:

Oil Cleansing Facial Cleanser Recipe

Oil Cleanse Ratios

1/3 Castor Oil

2/3 Young Living’s V6 Oil blend


1/3 Castor Oil

1/3 Fractionated Coconut Oil

1/3 sunflower Oil

So for about a month's worth, you could mix 4 oz Castor Oil and 8 oz. V6 blend.

Using the ratios above, mix the oils together in a container with an easy pour spout. Pour a quarter-sized amount of cleanse in one hand. Rub both hands together to warm the cleanse. Gently massage cleanse into face and neck. Spend several minutes doing this, to work the cleanse into the pores. I like to pray or meditate while doing this. (Weekly, or a few times a month, I stop here and allow the oil to sit for 5-10 minutes for a facial/masque affect.)

Soak a washcloth in hot water and gently press the cloth to your face. The steam will help open your pores. Continue pressing the cloth over your face until it no longer feels oily. The oil cleanse and oil and impurities that have been in your pores will be removed.

Apply facial serum onto gently dried face and neck. (Check out my DIY facial serum recipe here).

This procedure will remove your makeup and mascara as well, so no additional steps are necessary. You can do this daily or just a few days a week. If your face is dry or oily, you can play with the oil combinations. More castor oil or less. My skin tends to be combination these days and this is the blend of oils that works for me. But you could check out this site and modify for your skin type.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

You can get your V6 oil blend here.