DIY Facial Moisturizer

I love her even though she made my hormones all wacky!

I’ve shared with you about my search for the perfect skin care regimen after I had Cora. If you haven’t read about how I wash my face now, you can check that out here.

But I was also in search of a moisturizer that didn’t cause me to breakout. What I found was something that is full of healing and moisturizing properties, is simple and, well, awesome! I simply mix up a few essential oils and apply the blend to my clean face.

Here is why I chose these specific essential oils:

Frankincense - reduces inflammation, soothes skin, relaxes muscles. “Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin”.

Lavender -  calming and soothing to the skin

Myrrh - has a long history of use in skin care for its moisturizing properties to cleanse dry skin

Now that you know why I love these oils, here’s my blend:

DIY Facial serum

Natural Face Serum to replace your moisturizer

1 week's worth

1 drop Frankincense

1 drop Lavender

1 drop Myrrh

1 month's worth

25 drops Frankincense

20 drops Lavender

15 drop Myrrh

Mix in a dark glass jar with a dropper top. Drop 2-3 drops onto your hand and apply to face and neck after washing.

I use this in the evening after washing my face using the oil cleansing method.

I love knowing exactly what is in my moisturizer and I love the effects it has on my skin! I think you will too.

Remember that you can read more about why I love essential oils here.

Footnotes 1&2:

And since I know most of you are here to see Cora, here she is again channeling Elton John in her awesome new Sloomb Gold woolies!