3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Yes, it can be difficult to avoid the dreaded Holiday weight gain. It’s cold out and we don’t want to exercise. Everyone is bringing amazing baked treats to the office. Your friends are giving you peppermint bark and sugar cookies as gifts. And it’s because they love you. But, here we are, trying to stick with our routine and keep off the winter bulge. Some of us are even trying to lose weight through all of this loving sabotage! Gracious! What are we to do? 

These are my top tips to keep you on track, and cheerful because of it, through the Holiday Treat season. 


Stay on Track through the Holidays!

  1. Keep moving. Hibernation is only good for bears! They already have extra fat. We may too, but we don’t want to stay that way. So, find your motivation to keep you moving. Set your goal and keep it in front of you throughout the day so as you are faced with the tough decision of staying inside or going out to knock out that workout, you choose to move!
  2. Drink water. When you are hydrated, your body runs efficiently. You also stay full and are less likely to make rash decisions when the treats are in front of you. Always drink a glass of water before you eat a meal and then another wigh your meal. When someone slides the peppermint bark in front of you, step away, and grab your water bottle first. Commit to waiting 5 minutes while you sip on your water. When that 5 minutes is up, ask yourself again if that treat is really worth. (Trust me, I’m talking to myself here. I will say no to the peppermint bark - not every time, but when you say no 9 out of 10 times, you will be much more likely to reach your stated goals!)
  3. Be accountable! The odds of reaching your goals are increased when you seek out expert guidance and have accountability. Find someone who has already had some success with the goal you have and reach out to them. Ask them to check in on you as well as for some tips they can share with you. Finding a tribe that is on the same mission as you, to beat the Holiday weight gain, is also helpful!

Comment below if you have a success tip to share for how to successfully keep off added weight during the holidays? Do you want to join a tribe to help you get through the next three weeks? You can join our tribe here for free tips, workouts, and motivation!