5 Flat-Belly Diet Tips to Start TODAY

We can do all the cardio, HIIT, and core work that our body can handle, yet the key to getting the defined, flat-belly that you envision is your diet. Here are 5 tips to apply right now to help get you on track towards your goals.

  1. Track your food. I always find that when I'm stalling in my goals, whether it be weight loss, body-shaping, or simply feeling content, it's usually due to eating more than I think I am. Taking the time to track my food and water usually helps me pinpoint the culprit. I love to use the My Fitness Pal app. Not only can I set my goals, track my meals, and water, but it also tracks my macros. All for free. 
  2.  Eat protein and healthy fats. Protein will help keep your blood sugars level, as well as keep you satiated. Grass fed beef, lean beef jerky, wild salmon, eggs, and nuts are great options.
  3. Love your fiber. Get your veggies in with every meal. Fiber-full veggies will help keep you full, keep you "regulated", and make sure your body gets necessary vitamins to help all of your body systems functioning at their peak!
pouring water.png

4. Hydrate! Water keeps our body functioning at its peak and helps your body flush out toxins that may be encouraging your body to retain water. Sounds weird, right? Drink up. Need some tips on getting more water in your day, check my tips here.

5. Stay away from foods that induce what I call "puffiness." These can be sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soda, and any foods that you know to cause your body bloat. If you don't know what these foods are, an elimination diet is the way to figure it out.