How do we make our days more joyful?

  Do you wake up dreading the day ahead? Do you sometimes wish that you were more in control of your day? Do you wish you could do more of the things you love? There is a way to fit more of the things you love into your life. It is all about priority. 

  Did God design us to have to struggle through each day? We are all created differently and different things fulfill us. It is important to define the things that make you happy and give you joy. Then, you can make sure that you are fitting those into your life. Seems pretty straightforward, however more often than not, we can look back at the last month of our lives and none of the things that make us happy have been in our lives. Why does that happen? Because we aren't prioritizing right!

Setting your priorities.

Setting your priorities.

  Often , the things that get prioritized are the loudest. The job that we don't like, but that pays the bills. The bills that we have to pay for things that we splurged on but didn't really need. The activity that we don't really want to do, but everyone else is doing. How did we get here?


  We got here by letting life blow us where it may and not taking charge, prioritizing simply based on what comes our way and not by our values. 

  So, how do we take charge? 

  1. Define your values
  2. Plan your day based on your values
  3. Accept new tasks based on your values
  4. Review your day, and plan the next day

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