Why Essential Oils are the secret ingredient for your yoga practice

  You may be missing a precious resource to help you expand and deepen your yoga practice. Essential Oils can be a wonderfully effective tool to help you access the most from your practice.


  As you may know, breathing well and deeply is a pillar in any yoga practice. When we inhale essential oils, their molecules travel through out nasal passages, into our lungs, and ultimately enter our bloodstream. Among many benefits that the essential oils can provide once in our bloodstream, they can also increase our oxygen uptake. This can help your muscles last just a little bit longer.

What is your focus for your practice?

Calming and Relaxing- Stress Away, Grounding, Peace & Calming II, Lavender

Uplifiting - Clarity, Transformation, Valor

Uplifting, Envigorating - Bergamot, Joy, Valor

Envigorating and Refreshing - RC, Eucalyptus Radiata, Breathe Again

Stimulating and Powerful - Peppermint, RC

Meditation and Breathing - Frankincense, Palo Santo, Abundance

  Once you have selected the oil(s) for your practice, prepare for this day’s practice. Sit down on your mat to prepare. Ground yourself and bring yourself to the present by quieting your mind and setting an intention for today’s practice. Then place 1-2 drops of each oil into the palm of your hands, rub together, then cup over your nose and mouth and take a few deep breathes while stating your intention in an affirmation. 

  Here is an example of an affirmation of intention:

“Today I am here, focused, and empowered. I let go of that which I cannot control, and focus on this moment. I am strong and powerful."

So, the next time you head to your yoga class, ask your instructor what the focus is for the class (if you don't have one already set for yourself), take your yoga oils cheat sheet and you can quickly pair up an oil to both expand and deepen your practice. Another option is to set an intention for your next practice, whether it be at the studio or your personal home practice, and then pick the oil from the cheat sheet that best matches your intention. I think your mind and body will enjoy the benefits.